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Continent Worldwide Hotels introduced the “Dreamcatcher ℠”- Quality Sleep Program.

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Announcing that they will start their overseas franchise activities in Turkey in the past months, the group, which started to make a name for itself with the agreements it made in a short time, signed an agreement for the manufacture of special mattresses to be branded with the same name for the Dreamcatcher ℠ (Dreamcatcher) Quality Sleep program...

Mar 21, 2021

“Hotel Sells Sleep...”

Stating that one of the few factors that make the guests happy and satisfied with their stay during the stay, and even one of the most important, is good and quality sleep, the officials said, “As a result of our research, although there are very successful companies in this regard in Turkey, we decided to produce our own beds with our own special recipe. After signing our official contract with the manufacturer in the coming days, we will make another joint statement and introduce the features of the product.”

“Our goal is to cooperate with local brands and manufacturers...”

Unlike other foreign hotel brands, company officials say that they do not intend to force the hotel investor by guiding brands and companies in the facilities they franchise and manage, in construction and operational equipment afterward, but with special agreements for a few "must have" products and services and discounts that the investor will receive. They stated that they have prepared a list that they will supply at an affordable price and that this product list is only made up of domestic brands.

"National Wealth" is important to us...

Continuing their statements, the officials said: "While we can find the best of everything from TV to bed, from shampoo to white goods in our country, there is no need for the products we choose to be foreign branded products by paying unnecessarily high prices."

All our brands will participate in our “Dreamcatcher ℠”- Quality Sleep Program...

The officials also said, “Our brands of Continent Hotels & Resorts, Lofty Collection, AncyrA Hotels & Inns, JOMO Hotels and ZeeZ Hotels will participate in our Dreamcatcher ℠- program and will use our own beds. With this program, we will guarantee "Quality Sleep" to our guests staying in our hotels.

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