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“Continent Hotel Al Waha, Riyadh opens its doors on December 10th...”

Content and Communications Office

The opening of “Continent Hotel Al Waha, Riyadh”, signed between Bin Daajam Hotel Company and Continent Worldwide Hotels in recent months, will be held with a ceremony on Saturday, December 10th.

Nov 29, 2022

The hotel, which has been operating as Al Waha Hotel since 2008, has undergone renovations in recent months after signing the branded management agreement with Continent Worldwide Hotels and is preparing to enter into service with its new face on December 10.


Continent Hotel Al Waha, Riyadh, is at the heart of the city, in an advantageous location close to all shopping centers, and has 82 carefully prepared standard rooms and suites... “We Fit” SPA and recreation center, built with a new concept, consists of 4 different sizes. The meeting hall, the restaurant serving all day, and the Lobby areas are among the indispensable places of the hotel.


Shady Boueiry, Regional CEO of Continent Worldwide Hotels, said, “We are delighted to announce the opening of the first Turkish Hotel branded hotel in Saudi Arabia. Continent Hotel Al Waha, Riyadh will soon become an icon of Turkish hospitality in this city. We have no doubt that we will meet the expectations of all our guests, together with our other hotels that will follow this opening," he said, and continued, "8 new projects in the Middle East region will be operational in the coming months. In addition, our ongoing projects in other regions will be announced soon.”


Continent Worldwide Hotels stated that they are working with the Elektra Web Hotel (PMS) management system, which is also a Turkish subsidiary, in their hotels abroad, and that they will continue to expand their Turkish-origin hotel brands abroad and that they are determined to continue to support Turkish suppliers.

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