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Turkish brand Continent Hotel Akure wins award in Nigeria

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Continent Hotel Akure, which opened its doors in May last year in Akure, the capital of Ondo state in Nigeria, has quickly risen to become the most preferred hotel for accommodation.

Dec 25, 2021

Being the only international hotel brand in the region, Continent Hotel Akure has rapidly gained popularity and has also won the "Most Exciting Brand of the Year (Nigeria) Award 2021" by African Travel Times, which was published this month throughout Nigeria.

After receiving the award, which was taken by Wasiu Babalola, the Africa Master Franchise and Business Development President, and Pamela Jonah, the Hotel General Manager, Wasiu Babalola stated that "there aren't many international brands in our country.

However, Continent Hotels & Resorts, a Turkish brand, is gaining popularity in the region due to the services and quality we provide with our Continent Hotel Akure, which we opened last year.

We have five more hotels in the opening phase until 2023. With our investor-friendly strategy, I have no doubt that we will soon become the hotel chain with the most locations in Nigeria."


Founded in 2003, Istanbul-based Continent Worldwide Hotels operates in the fields of hotel management, franchise, and consultancy. The company hosts hotel brands that offer services in six different segments and concepts.

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