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Continent Worldwide Hotels Makes a Grand Entrance into Gambia with the Renowned Sarges Hotel

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Continent Worldwide Hotels, a burgeoning hotel Franchising and Management Services Company from Turkey, is propelling its brand beyond its native soil.

Aug 15, 2023

The company is on a meteoric rise with over 25 new hotel franchise and management deals under its belt spanning South Asia, the Middle East, Turkey, Gulf Countries, and Africa. Making waves in the industry, the company has unveiled Sarges Hotel, a crown jewel in its premier Continent Collection brand, marking its grand foray into Gambia.

Located in the heart of Gambia's buzzing tourism district, Sarges Hotel Gambia is a reflection of the city's vibrant history and culture. Initially established in 1994 as Tafbel, the hotel metamorphosed in 2006 when Ardy Sarge took the reins, rebranding it as Sarges Hotel. The property occupies a prime location, nestled close to Gambia's pristine beaches and the vast stretch of the Atlantic Ocean.

The Continent Collection brand is tailored for travelers with a penchant for unique, premium experiences. Every hotel under this brand is a signature entity, striking a chord with its distinct identity. Keeping pace with the needs of independent hoteliers, Continent Worldwide merges its top-tier standards with avant-garde marketing, tech, and distribution prowess. Even as a recent entrant, the brand has already introduced two hotels in Istanbul, Turkey, and Gambia, Africa, with another eight establishments eagerly waiting in the wings.

Sharing his enthusiasm, Bernard Houppertz, President of Development for South Asia & Africa at Continent Worldwide Hotels, said, "With the Continent Collection brand, we celebrate the entrepreneurial spirit, breathing life into visionary aspirations in the hospitality sector. Our goal is to sculpt a fresh narrative for midscale to mid/upscale hotels in the Middle East and Africa. The curtain-raiser of Sarges Hotel in Gambia punctuates our unwavering commitment to global outreach, and strengthens our brand's presence in this vibrant region."

Under the meticulous guardianship of Continent Worldwide Hotels, Sarges Hotel stands out as a beacon of luxury and sophistication in Gambia's hotel scene. Among its stellar offerings are an on-site dining facility, a rejuvenating swimming pool, a chic lounge bar, a dedicated guest service section, and an ensemble of state-of-the-art amenities. The rooms exude a perfect blend of authenticity and modern-day luxury, available in standard, deluxe, and suite layouts.

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