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Continent Worldwide Hotels and Master Realtor Real Estate & Business Development - Preliminary Agreement Signed for 10 Locations and 10 Hotels in Turkey

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Continent Worldwide Hotels, a franchise and management company representing Turkey successfully abroad and experiencing rapid growth momentum overseas, recently signed a hotel franchise and management agreement covering 10 locations and 10 hotel brands with Master Realtor Turkey and the Cost-Effective Home Construction Project Development Company, both rapidly expanding players in the Turkish real estate sector.

Sep 9, 2023

Continent Villas & Suites Konya, powered by the Master Realtor brand, will be the flagship property of this new generation living space concept. Designed to offer a holistic experience, the facility will include a spa, health center, hammam, sauna, indoor and outdoor pools, various cafes, and restaurants. It will also feature thermal water sources and Turkey's only drinkable mineral water. Construction of this pioneering property will commence in Ilgın, Konya, and will comprise a total of 200 units, including standard rooms, suites, and villas.


Mustafa Özcan, CEO of Master Realtor Real Estate and Cost-Effective Home, expressed excitement and joy regarding this new partnership, stating, "We are thrilled about this new collaboration. This concept offers a 4-year guaranteed payback period and a 20-year guaranteed rental income, allowing unit owners to utilize their properties as hotel units when they are not personally staying. In our search for the right operator partner to manage this concept, we explored various options, and Continent Worldwide Hotels stood out. Their transparent approach and the confidence they instilled in us from the very beginning made them the obvious choice. In the coming months, we will share information about our projects and locations beyond Ilgın, Konya. Details about available units for sale can be found on our website."


Ethem Zagikyan, Managing Director of Continent Worldwide Hotels, expressed his gratitude to Mustafa Özcan for his trust in their brands, saying, "The Ilgın, Konya project is a very special and beautiful one. Spanning a total of 20,000 square meters, this beautiful resort hotel will boast unique charm throughout the year. Investors who prefer permanent residency will also enjoy the privilege of experiencing all our services. Our agreement covers a total of 10 locations, and we will soon provide information about these locations. We invite all our guests to join us in exploring this new generation living concept."


He added, "With these new projects, we continue to grow rapidly within Turkey. Our hotel projects in Bursa, Kocaeli, Biga, and Istanbul are ongoing. As our hotels in the Middle East and Africa open day by day, we anticipate that our Continent Hotels & Resorts and Swiss Inn Hotels brands will collectively exceed 50 properties globally. This demonstrates that we have earned the trust of our investors through transparent relationships and are moving in the right direction."


This partnership between Continent Worldwide Hotels, Master Realtor Turkey, and the Cost-Effective Home Construction Project Development Company marks a significant milestone in the Turkish real estate and hospitality sectors, promising innovative and sustainable living experiences for residents and travelers alike.


About Master Realtor Turkey and Cost-Effective Home Construction Project Development Company


Master Realtor Turkey and Cost-Effective Home are redefining the real estate, construction, and contracting landscape with a fresh approach. Armed with a professional and expert team, they officially commenced full-scale operations in January 2023, following years of dedicated research and development efforts. In a short span of time, they have set a new industry record by granting franchises in 15 cities within their first year, solidifying their position at the pinnacle of the sector. Their construction system, which offers a 100% guarantee and is 100% secure, coupled with numerous innovative projects, continues to delight both their customers and franchisees.

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