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Continent Hotel - Ataşehir, İstanbul is Open Now...

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Continent Worldwide Hotels, a powerhouse in the global hospitality industry, proudly announces the opening of its latest addition, Continent Hotel - Ataşehir. This marks another significant step in the company's rapid expansion, adding to its portfolio of successful ventures in Turkey.

Dec 13, 2023

Eight years ago, Ataşehir Palas Hotel embarked on its journey as an unbranded establishment. In the past year, it found new ownership in the form of Indian investors Junaid Namakwala and Sajit Namakwala, under the banner of Atlas Hospitality India Ltd. The hotel was briefly managed by a local firm on behalf of Atlas Hospitality India Ltd.


Situated strategically at the heart of Ataşehir, just a two-minute walk from the metro station and conveniently located across from the upcoming library, Continent Hotel - Ataşehir boasts 117 rooms that cater to the modern traveler's every need. Its doors officially swung open on December 1, 2023, signaling the commencement of a new era in luxury accommodation.


Junaid Namakwala, expressing his enthusiasm for the venture, stated, "Our continuous growth strategy led us to explore opportunities with Continent Worldwide Hotels. The decision to partner with them was solidified by the allure of the Continent brand, which also boasts franchise hotels in my home country, India. With a 20-year lease for our Ataşehir property, we are confident that Continent Hotel - Ataşehir will thrive under the Continent brand and its management."


Under the meticulous guidance of Continent Worldwide Hotels' management team, the hotel is set to undergo a phased renovation plan. Over the next six months, guests can anticipate a fully rejuvenated property featuring modernized rooms, an updated restaurant area, and a furnished office floor available for rental.


Ethem Zağikyan, Chairman of Continent Worldwide Hotels, and Kemal Karataş, Director of Country Operations and Franchise Development, expressed their excitement for the project, stating, "Our operations are flourishing, both locally and internationally. Continent Hotel - Ataşehir is a testament to our commitment to growth and excellence. In Turkey, with our new agreements, especially with our Swiss Inn and Continent Hotels & Resort brands, we are consistently entering into new partnerships. Thanks to Junaid Namakwala's prompt contact and our rapid alignment, we quickly brought Continent Hotel - Ataşehir to life. While the hotel continues to operate, our 'rebranding' process and renovation program are also ongoing. Through this new collaboration, we have shared aspirations with our investor company, Atlas Hospitality, regarding potential future collaborations concerning their international hotels. Initially, we aim to enhance the existing hotel to its deserved value. Subsequently, we will discuss what can be done through 'joint ventures' for our current international hotels. We also have growth plans in different cities within Turkey.""


The investor company, Atlas Hospitality India Ltd., currently owns two hotels in Ataşehir, one hotel in the United Arab Emirates, and a total of nine hotels in India, including locations in Goa, Mahabaleshwar, and Mumbai. Furthermore, three new hotels are under construction in Mahabaleshwar.


The opening of Continent Hotel - Ataşehir is not only a celebration of a new brand entering the Turkish hospitality scene but also a testament to Continent Worldwide Hotels' dedication to delivering unparalleled experiences for guests worldwide.

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