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Appointments in the Management Team of Continent Hotel Ataşehir

Content & Communications Department

Continuing its mission to represent Turkey successfully abroad and boasting the fastest growth momentum internationally, Continent Worldwide Hotels, a franchise and management company hosting prominent hotel brands, recently appointed a new management team for its hotel in Istanbul, operating under the name Continent Hotel Ataşehir.

Mar 6, 2024

Hotel Manager - Haydar Gölünç

Haydar Gölünç, who still working as the Director of Turkey Openings / Support & Operations at the group, will now take on the role of Acting Hotel Manager. With extensive experience, including tenure at Sheraton Çeşme and various 4 and 5-star hotels in Greece, as well as a stint as Operations Manager at MP Hotels in Turkey, Gölünç brings valuable expertise to his new position.

IT & Technical Services Manager - İsmail Zeytinözü

İsmail Zeytinözü, who is working as IT Director for Turkey at the group, now assumes the role of IT & Technical Services Manager at Continent Hotel Ataşehir. Zeytinözü's colorful background includes roles as an IT Consultant at resort hotel groups like Turban Otel Grubu and Diana Travel, as well as coordinating IT operations at Groupe Marmara until 2018. With a penchant for multitasking and a passion for cooking, Zeytinözü is a dynamic addition to the team.

Front Office Manager - Furkan Paksoy

Furkan Paksoy, who previously served in various roles at Continent Hotel Kahramanmaraş, including Front Office Manager and Hotel Manager, brings a wealth of experience to his new position. Before joining Continent Worldwide Hotels, Paksoy worked in the Front Office department at several hotels under Choice Hotels in Kahramanmaraş.

Executive Chef - Songül Yıldırım

Songül Yıldırım, who joined Continent Hotel Ataşehir in January, is a skilled chef with a passion for cooking and baking. With a background in electrical engineering and extensive experience in kitchen roles at restaurants and hotels, Yıldırım's culinary journey led her to become the Executive Chef at Sheba Restaurant in Alaçatı Beach Resort from 2018 to 2023.

Successful integration...

Kemal Karataş, Country Franchise and Operations Director, commented on the ongoing integration process of the hotel into the Continent brand, noting significant increases in occupancy rates and positive feedback from guests. Karataş expressed confidence that the hotel team is dedicated to completing the brand integration and anticipates operating at full capacity in the near future.

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