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Golden River by Continent Collection Officially Opens in Arnavutköy

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Continuing its rapid expansion both domestically and internationally, Continent Worldwide Hotels, a franchise and management company representing Turkey successfully abroad and experiencing the fastest growth momentum internationally, is proud to announce the official opening of Golden River by Continent Collection in Arnavutköy.

Mar 4, 2024

Since its inauguration in December 2023 under the management agreement with Continent Worldwide Hotels, Golden River by Continent Collection has achieved remarkable occupancy rates and success in the region. The hotel, strategically located just 5 km away from the New Istanbul Airport, was officially inaugurated on Sunday, March 3, 2024, amidst a significant gathering of visitors.

The opening ceremony was graced by Mr. Ahmet Haşim Baltacı, the Mayor of Arnavutköy, who officially inaugurated the hotel. Also in attendance were Mr. Necati Çördükçü, the Saadet Party candidate for Mayor of Arnavutköy, and Mr. Tekin Aras, the CHP candidate for Mayor of Arnavutköy.

Speaking about the hotel, Mr. Ethem Zagikyan, Chairman of Continent Worldwide Hotels, remarked, "Situated in a strategic location near the New Istanbul Airport, the 4-star Golden River by Continent Collection hotel has already garnered praise with its meticulously designed 77 rooms, main restaurant offering a selection of world cuisines and breakfast buffet, and variously sized meeting rooms."

Mr. Zagikyan continued, "Golden River Hotel in Arnavutköy marks Mr. İhsan Bayram's initial venture into the hotel industry. We are delighted to announce our mutual agreement to open three new investments under the Golden River name, both in Ağrı and Germany, under the management of Continent Worldwide Hotels, with our 'by Continent Collection' brand."

Expressing their enthusiasm, Mr. İhsan Bayram and Mr. Erol Bayram stated, "Our first hotel venture in Istanbul has been a resounding success. With the support and services provided by Continent Worldwide Hotels under the 'by Continent Collection' umbrella, we are eager to expand the Golden River brand further. We plan to build a hotel in our hometown of Ağrı in the near future. Additionally, we aim to establish Golden River Hotel as a standalone brand within the Continent Worldwide Hotels franchise network, both domestically and internationally."

Kemal Karataş, Country Operations and Franchise Development Director of Continent Worldwide Hotels, added, "Our operations in the Middle East, Africa, and South Asia continue to thrive, and negotiations for hotels in Germany are ongoing. We are also in discussions with investors Mr. İhsan Bayram and Mr. Erol Bayram to expand our 'by Continent Collection' brand, alongside the Golden River brand, in Germany."

Karataş concluded, "Golden River by Continent Collection, strategically positioned in Arnavutköy, has already received positive feedback and is poised to become the region's premier hotel in the near future, serving as the flagship 'by Continent Collection' hotel in Istanbul."

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