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Continent Hotel Kahramanmaraş, Reopening Soon with a Renewed Look

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Continent Hotel Kahramanmaraş, located on the strategically important Western Ring Road Boulevard and quickly becoming one of the best hotels in the region since its opening in early 2021, temporarily halted its services after the tragic earthquake on February 6, 2023. Despite being one of the few buildings unaffected by the earthquake, the hotel's investor, the esteemed businessman Mr. Orhan Akkoyun, decided to renovate and strengthen the entire building.

Nov 23, 2023

Ethem Zagikyan, Chairman of the Board of Continent Worldwide Hotels, provided information on the matter, stating, "After the heartbreaking Kahramanmaraş earthquake, our hotel was temporarily closed... The ongoing renovation, strengthening, and refurbishment program are reaching the final stages. There is a significant demand for hotels and accommodation in the region, and the existing open establishments cannot meet the demand... Our hotel is expected to reopen in approximately February 2024... Subsequently, we intend to continue our planned additional building project without delay."

The hotel currently offers 80 rooms, meeting rooms for 300 people, a wedding hall and event space for 600 people, a restaurant, and a coffee shop on the top floor with a panoramic view of the city. After reopening, the hotel will resume its services with all these units and, furthermore, will increase its room capacity to 156 by adding a new building with 76 rooms.

Situated 7 kilometers from the airport, 1.5 kilometers from Piazza shopping center, 1.5 kilometers from the Historical Covered Bazaar, 1 kilometer from Maraş Museum, 3 kilometers from Kahramanmaraş Castle, and 15 kilometers from the Seven Wells Ski Center, the hotel will once again contribute to meeting the high demand in the region.

Mr. Orhan Akkoyun, Chairman of Kardeşler Seramik, stated, "Our region went through significant challenges... We faced a tough test. We express our gratitude to everyone who supported us during this process... Our hotel was one of the best and preferred hotels in the region before the earthquake. I am confident that our reopened hotel will continue to be one of the best in the upcoming periods."

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