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"Our foresight - our brands in the city hotel concept will expand to 15 locations within Turkey by 2024"

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Headlines from our interview with Turizm Yatirim Dergisi...

Jan 23, 2023

It would be more appropriate to provide some information about our company and our vision rather than just our hotels. Continent Worldwide Hotels is one of the oldest companies advocating the necessity of the franchise brand system and the development of Turkish hotel brands through franchising in Turkey. Since we founded our company in the 2010s, we have been the only company constantly focusing on this issue. It is a source of pride for us to see that the systems we designed years ago are now being used by other domestic hotel management companies in recent years. It shows that we made the right decisions years ago, but we started this business too early in Turkish conditions. The growth of domestic and national brands both domestically and internationally is not a requirement but a necessity.

Our registered brands, Continent Hotels & Resorts and Swiss Inn Hotels, currently have four hotels operating in Turkey. These are Continent Hotel Kahramanmaras, Continent Luxury Suites Sakarya, Swiss Inn Akdeniz Mersin, and Swiss Inn Ayas Mersin. With the opening of Swiss Inn Gemlik Bursa in the first months of 2023, our number will increase to 5 hotels. In addition, 6 of our hotels, for which contracts have been signed and construction is underway, will be opened and operational in various cities in 2023 and 2024. Due to our constant discussions with new projects, there are constant changes in the number of hotels to be opened.

As Continent Worldwide Hotels, we also have open hotels in Indonesia, Vietnam, Pakistan, India, Saudi Arabia, and Nigeria. In Indonesia, AncyrA Hotel Poso, Continent Hotel Surabaya, and Continent Centerpoint Hotel Makassar continue their operations. In Vietnam, AncyrA Hotel Hanoi and AncyrA Hotel Danang continue their operations. In India, we have 4 hotels operating under our Continent brand. In Saudi Arabia, the recently opened Continent Al Waha Hotel Riyadh is in service. As of February 2023, Continent Al Uqayr Hotel will open its doors. 4 more hotels, for which contracts have been signed, will continue their services under the Continent Hotels & Resorts brand by April 2023, separate from their current brands. In the United Arab Emirates, a 154-room hotel will be in service with our Continent brand in April/May 2023.

The first groundbreaking ceremony of our 15-hotel agreement signed in Pakistan will take place in February 2023.

The tourism industry is one of the fastest-growing industries in the world. As a result, many countries are investing in this industry to attract more tourists and generate revenue. Turkey is one of the countries that have been focusing on developing its tourism industry, and Continent Worldwide Hotels is one of the companies that have been making significant investments in this industry.

In 2022, Continent Worldwide Hotels accelerated its brand agreements both domestically and internationally. The company signed agreements with Pakistan and Saudi Arabia during this period. In Pakistan, the company signed a 15-hotel agreement, and the groundbreaking ceremony for the first hotel is scheduled to take place in February 2023.



Overall, the tourism industry is expected to remain active in 2023, particularly in popular cities such as Antalya, where Russian and Ukrainian guests who prefer long-term stays play a significant role.

In terms of domestic investments, Continent Hotel Kahramanmaras had a very productive year in terms of occupancy and room rates. As a result, the company started construction on an 80-room facility behind the hotel, which will be connected to the existing hotel via a bridge. This new facility will bring the hotel's total room count to 168. The company expressed its gratitude to Orhan Akkoyun, a beloved local businessman, for his trust and support.

Looking forward, the company predicts that there will be an increased demand for long-term stay options, such as residence hotels and suite hotels, in areas where Russian and Ukrainian guests prefer to stay. To address this trend, Continent Worldwide Hotels also created the Continent Residence & Hotel concept and has started talks with potential investors interested in this type of investment.

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