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franchise SERVICES

Being part of a hotel brand should empower you, not strip you of your freedom, your autonomy, or your hard-earned money.


Now we offer a difference that makes all the difference. In an effort to continue that demand and bring more hotels into our System, especially in this current economic condition and financial crises, now Continent is introducing new Franchise Licensing model with very reasonable fees for the hotel owners who runs hotels independently while the current lodging industry trend in which major hotel chains are increasing the percentage of fees they take from franchisees.

From the moment you become a Continent “Franchise Licensed” owner, and throughout your entire relationship with us, we work with you to ensure success. And we do so by offering an exceptionally high level of service and support that is unique in the industry – often at up to quarter the price of other brands.

As a “Member” and business partner, you don’t just become part of a corporate structure; you become part of a family. It’s a decision you can be 100%
confident in, because we are behind you all the way.



If you own a hotel and would like to become part of our company, or receive information on the different possibilities available (Running-Management, Franchise, Commercialization, and Leasing) please contact our Development Executives, with no obligation whatsoever.


We will be delighted to inform you of the maximum discretion and confidentiality.

We have a variety of options and various brand options on the Management Agreement depend on the regions. Please contact us directly to discuss detailed or simply send your inquiries at: